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Daily life starts by plugging terminals

Electrical home appliances made people's life more comfortable and remarkably progressive ….. Electrical home appliances as necessities as well as hobbies………

Their variety are wide and they play important roles in various aspects of our life.

The ones which link these home appliances and people's life are Kitani Electric's power cord terminals. Reliance to Kitani Electric's technology for power plug terminals are always solid holding the top market share in the domestic market for long period of time. We pursue best quality all the time and enforce ourselves to research and develop new products in order to promptitude ongoing progress of electrical home appliances in the world. Further, we realized successful development and manufacture of mechanical precision parts for AV devices and what's more, we intend to expand sphere of our business.

Company Guide

Trade Name Kitani Electric Company Limited
Location Head Office
1-13-3 Nagao-Kagumachi, Hirakata City, Osaka Pref.,Japan
Tel: +81-(0)72-855-1492 Fax: +81-(0)72-850-7655
Shiga Factory
470 Yuya-Machi, Higasi Oomi-City, Shiga Pref.,Japan
Tel: +81-(0)749-45-2262 Fax:+81-(0)749-45-2330
Kanto Home Office
5502-12 Tomonuma, Nogi-Machi, Tsuga-Gun, Tochigi Pref., Japan
Tel: +81-(0)280-54-1434 Fax: +81-(0)280-54-1435
Chief Executive Officer Kenichiro Kitani
Capital JpYen 40,000,000.00
Site Hirakata Office: 2,430m2, Shiga Factory: 7,078m2
Building Hirakata Office: 2,841m2, Shiga Factory: 2,989m2
Established 18 December, 1963
Main Banks

THE BANK OF TOKYO-MITSUBISHI UFJ , LTD Uemachi Branch, Sumitomo-Mitsui Banking Corporation Hirakara Branch, Risona Bank Hirakata Branch, Kyoto Bank Makino Branch, Kyoto Trust Bank Hirakata Branch,Nanto Bank Kyotanabe Banch,Syokochukin Umeda Banch

Employee 73 persons
Sales Area Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thai, Malaysia, Europe, United States
Annual Turnover JpYen 2,900,000,000.00 (2016 year)
Main Products Photovoltaic connectors for solar module applications
Various plug kinds of terminals
Fully automatic machine for producing attachment plugs
Crimping machine
Plastic injection-molded parts of insert forming
Various kinds of electrical connectors
Precision parts for AV apparatus
Parts for FPC boards

Hirakata Head Office & Factory   Shiga Factory

Affiliated Companies

Kitani Electric (HK) Co.,Ltd. Rm.9.3/F,BIocK.A, Hi-Tech Industrial. Centre, 5-21 Par Tin Par St., Tsuen Wan, N.T.,Hong Kong SAR, Chaina
TEL. 852-2945-2982 FAX. 852-2945-2929

Kitani Electric (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd.
No.12,Shushan Street,ShaTou South Industry Park,ChangAn Town,
Dongguan,GuangDong Province,China
Tel: +86-(0)769-8538-3221
Fax: +86-(0)769-8531-0501
Land Area: China Plant 10,000m2
Building Area: China Plant: 6,200m2


KITANI ELECTRIC LAO Co., Ltd  Lot 317, Savan-SENO Special Economic Zone C (Savan Park)
KM 10, Route No 9, Nongdeun Village, Kaysone Phomvihane District,
Savannakhet Province, 13000, LAO PDR. 
Tel: +856-(0)41-252829
Fax: +856-(0)41-210554
Land Area: Lao Plant 20,000m2
Building Area: Lao Plant: 3,800m2       

Kitani Electric (Dongguan)Co.,Ltd.   KITANI ELECTRIC LAO Co., Ltd