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 We-Kitani Electric Company has been producing all kinds of power cord terminals incorporated our originality and ingenuity based on the company's management philosophy - "Let us produce good products by means of our wisdom, creativity and exertion".
During the times, we developed a variety of production machines and devices for manufacturing power cords which have been well received by a lot of customers, thus enabling us to make continual efforts for technical research and development.
  In recent years, we have developed not only electronic parts for audio-video devices and information-technology equipments but also various PV connectors for solar power generation forming a part of our environmental preservation business projects. Whilst, as for manufacture of production equipments, we have eventually handled not only the customary power cord assembly machines but also a variety of production hardware required by leading domestic home appliance manufacturers, thus enabling us to content the relevant end-users.
  Regarding manufacturing base, in addition to the main two home factories, we enhanced it by founding an overseas manufacturing base in Guang Dong Province in China, Slovacia in east Europe, thus we have established a solid organization that enables dealing both here in Japan and foreign markets.
  In addition, we are extremely grateful to your warmhearted support extended us as well as day-to-day continual use of our products not only in the home market but also many other worldwide market place.
  We, in order to fulfill needs and demand from many of our end-users, intend not only to develop higher quality electric terminals, electronic parts and components and epoch-making production machines and devices by setting out a considerable amount of cumulated technical know-how as their main core but also we now believe that we must aim, endeavor and/or challenge to play an important role in any available field of the global environments to which we can render our best services throughout the 21st century that started already.
  We would therefore like to ask your further support to Kitani as we will aim at being a nex'gen enterprise who will be able to please you and contribute to our society.
President & C.E.O.
Kenichiro Kitani